Letter Formation Video
Forming letters-Watch an Example

Ways to practice our sight words include...

Rainbow Writing-Write the word with a yellow crayon, write on top of that with a red crayon, write on top of that with a blue crayon, etc. (the most important part of this strategy is that your child is saying the letters at the SAME time they are writing the letters.

Flash Cards-Write the words on small squares of paper and flash the words as your child reads them.

"Crash"-Make multiple copies of the words. Make a few cards with pictures of a wrecked car or the word crash. Your child should play against one other person. If you say the word correctly, you keep the card. If you get the "crash" card, all your cards return to the deck. The game is over after a set amount of time.

Shaving Cream-Put some men's shaving cream on the table. Students use their finger to write the sight words and then they use their palm to erase.

Read It, Cover It, Check It, Build It, Write It-Students read/study the sight word and then cover teh word. They use tiles or magnets to make the word (paper letters work, too). They check their word by uncovering the sight word and finally they write the word.