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I have been teaching since 1993. Although I have experience teaching grades K-7, my passion is to work with those just beginning to learn about print.

Things I love: 1. Family 2. Teaching 3. Travel and 4. Technology
Look below to find one or two examples of each thing I love!

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Teaching (Adult Learners)
The 2 sites above are great resources to find out more about technology in education. you can read more about my technology studies at website is a work in progress. The links are easy to understand, immediately applicable to student learning, and provide deep and long lasting results.

Teaching (Elementary Aged Learners)
My students thoroughly enjoyed this project. It is based on the Math Investigations materials. Using Voice Threads gave my students the opportunity to explain their mathematical thinking in a real way, to a public audience, and it was made at the same time we were learning the material. Parents were also excited to hear about his or her child's learning. This was a great way to generalize our thinking beyond the four walls of our classroom. I was tickled with how important it was for students to hear from the reading teacher and the principal!

I use my time to spoil my niece rotten. Here's some of the songs we learned together. I can't believe how far she has come!

Just a glimpse into some of my travels.

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